Answereye Ultimate 5.4

Answereye Ultimate 5.4
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Value: $399

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“Answereye Ultimate – The Best Yahoo Answers Marketing Software!

For the first time in the Internet Marketing history, a software so powerful and EASY-TO-USE that YOU can literally start raking in affiliate cash the very first day…!”

WP Amaz-One

WP Amaz-One
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Value: $57

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“WP Amaz-One – absolutely the easiest-to-use mast feature-rich Amazon autoposter on Earth!

Check out these EXCELLENT features and options:

– WP Amaz-One PLUS is EASY to configure and EASY to use
– Use different Amazon affiliate ID’s to create different campaigns
– Create unlimited campaigns with unlimited products
– Browse Node functionality to more closely pull in those products you want to promote
– Ability to pull in ONLY products above or below a certain price point
– Ability to choose specific products by ASIN
– Choose to publish products as POSTS OR PAGES (WP Amaz-One PLUS will even create the new page at the time of campaign creation!)
– Automatically create your category for your posts while creating your campaign
– When readers click on “read more” they are taken to a new browser tab – but they can easily click back to your site to read and do more shopping!
– Unique “shopping reminder” lightbox!
– Link cloaking – vital for an affiliate site
– Amazon product review options to show the reviews on your main page, just within the post itself, or not at all if that’s how you want it!
– One-click Amazon affiliate ID updating – a real timesaver for site flippers
– Three post templates to choose from – your Amazon autoblog will never look like anyone else’s!
– Uniquify ALL posts, or just your Amazon auto posts – perfect for you PLR users!
– Twenty-five “buy now” buttons to choose from – mix it up a little with our cool button colors and designs!
– Amazon affiliate pop-up text links embedded into your articles – you choose the keyword to link, and WP Amaz-One does the rest!
– Ad units – you know how well those blue ad units convert, right? Now you can choose the products they show and place them anywhere in your copy!
– Future-dated campaigns – an often-requested feature that you’ll love!
– Pull in “related products”
– Integrated shopping cart for 90-day cookies on eligible products
– Pull in related product-related videos from YouTube by keyword
– Are you an affiliate in the UK, Germany, Japan, France or Canada? WP Amaz-One supports all countries…!”

Tweet Demon 1.0.20

Tweet Demon 1.0.20
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Value: $299

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“The “Tweet Marketing Robot” (former Tweet Demon) delivers Real Traffic in Real Time!

Discover the EASY WAY to use Twitter to drive traffic to your websites!

What “Tweet Marketing Robot” Can Do For You?

– Automatically follow users that are in real need of your products and services.
– Automatically follow the followers of users who are already popular in your niche.
– The most complete and powerful Twitter Software Available.
– Protect your account from getting banned.
– Follow and unfollow users using the web browser and not API to appear more natural.
– Auto unfollow users who don’t follow you back.
– Auto unfollow users you followed in a specified number of days.
– VIP list and protect very special users from unfollowing even if they don’t follow you back.
– Ignore users with no pictures and who tweet links to minimize following spammers.
– Follow users from other users lists.
– Use An Unlimited Number of Accounts.
– Automate twitter marketing without getting noticed.
– Build thousands of followers without worrying on API limits.
– Post and schedule thousands of tweets without worrying on API limits.
– Make money in twitter with or without any followers.
– Reply on thousands of users looking for your offers on autopilot.
– The only twitter software that DOES NOT USE THE API.
– Automatically follow users with the same interest.
– Anti spammer filtering.
– Follow users with your specified random number of users in a specified random time intervals…!”

Keyword Retriever Pro

Keyword Retriever Pro
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Value: $30

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“Keyword Retriever is full of EASY-TO-USE features WordPress plugin that make keyword research simple and quick!

Some of these outstanding features:

– Live Optimize
– Wider net
– Daily Search
– Tag Optimize
– Density Optimize
– Graphic Optimize
– Stay Ahead

What Keyword Retriever features:

– Users check keyword density…
– Users can find keywords with high global searches…
– Optimize keywords in posts and pages…
– Optimize keywords in posts and pages for sponsors…
– Auto add no follow to keywords that go to affiliate offers…
– Cloak keywords that are going to affiliate offers…
– Target your top keywords easily…
– Optimize posts and pages easily…
– A tutorial will be provided to show them how best to set up keyword tool
– A tutorial will be provided to show how to get the most from keyword optimization

What Keyword Retriever Pro features:

– SILO structures
– Affiliate HOT linking”

Blackhat Viral WP Plugin

Blackhat Viral WP Plugin

Value: $$

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“You can viralize any post or page in your WordPress blog, asking your visitors to refer at least a certain number visitors before they can see the full post or page! Your visitors will not get access to what you offer them until they have referred enough friends or other readers to your website!

You can promote ANYTHING you want! Pictures, videos, files, guides, secrets, just about anything!
It is VERY EASY to use. Just activate it, and you can viralize any POST or PAGE on your WordPress blog…”